How to get a flat stomach without dieting and exercising? How to slim your waist and get in shape fast? Here is a simple but effective way to lose belly fat just in a few weeks. We checked – it works wonders!

Belly fat is much more than just an uncomfortable lump which makes your jeans stretch uncomfortably. The type of this fat is extremely harmful. It can cause type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and several other extremely unpleasant conditions. How to slim down and get the body of your dreams? Watch this video till the end – and you will find all the answers!

A healthy diet and exercise 1:10
Drinks that can help you to lose weight 2:20
Ginger tea 2:35
Benefits of ginger 3:40
Other beneficial properties of ginger 3:55
Reasons why you should drink ginger tea 4:40
How to lose weight with ginger tea 5:51
Lemon ginger tea recipe 7:22

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– Ginger can be used as an assistant for your digestion – it reduces appetite along with regulating blood sugar and cholesterol. Taken before a meal, it has a stimulating effect on metabolism and digestion.
– If your level of cortisol (the hormone which reacts to the level of stress you are under) is elevated, it can lead to accumulation of belly fat. It turns out that it is very hard to get rid of the fat that appeared due to this reason.
– If you lack the energy to do regular exercises, ginger will help you out! It has an effect that is similar to that of caffeine. It increases your energy level, so it becomes easier for you to exercise efficiently.
You should have a cup of such a drink in the morning and then enjoy it after every meal at least 2 or 3 more times a day.
Combine it with the healthy diet and light exercises, and after one week you will notice a visible result!

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