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My 100lb Weight Loss & Loose Skin – How Fasting Helped My Stretch Marks & Loose Skin – Thomas DeLauer

I lost a hundred pounds, so I’m pretty familiar with stretch marks on my body, and dealing with loose skin as well. During my weight loss journey I tried A LOT of different things that simply do NOT work for loose skin and stretch marks. On the flip side, I found a lot of things that truly did help me mitigate that loose skin and reduce the appearance of my stretch marks. So I want to share a lot of these hacks that I’ve learned along the way with you…

Consider this a guide to show you how fasting, and proper implementation of certain foods, can truly make a difference in terms of your loose skin. Let’s not forget, some of it comes down to genetics. Some people have better skin than others, but there are things that you can put into place that can help!

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