I followed BLACKPINK Jennie’s comeback diet and workout for 3 days and here are the results!
I only followed the diet plan and workout as a guideline to lose weight and get toned! Everybody has different body types so they will have to go with a diet + exercise that is right for them. And my bad, my beginning waist measurements were 26.6 inches! , not 23.8 inches! (error in the video)

Oh and just a note, I have always been working out to maintain my body shape and have previously had ‘abs’, hence why it was much easier for me to lose the fat that was ‘covering my abs’! The ab exercises below are the ones that I have actually been doing and they’re SO SO good, especially the V-crunch and Russian-twist, so give it a shot!

Height: 166.5cm

The list of exercises (in order):
‼️ NOTE: Never over-do your exercises, these are just the exercises that I usually do and that works for ME and my body type! If for any of you it seems like it’s too overwhelming or too much in general then start off with doing just 1 set each, then later on do more if you can!

1. Stretching – for me it’s super important to stretch first before doing any sort of exercise so my body is loosened up and warmed up! (10 seconds x 2 sets, or 10 x 2 sets approx. for each stretch)
– Hamstring stretch + Butterfly stretch
– Triceps + shoulder stretch
– Hip roll
– Standing on one leg – thigh stretch
– Shoulder rolls

2. Legs and Butt
– Lunges (15 x 2 sets for each side)
– Squats (I did approx. 30 x 2 sets?)
– Donkey leg raises (15 x 2 sets for each side + tense and keep moving it slightly up and down until your butt BURNS, then HOLD (aka leg pulses) for 10 seconds) – really works out the butt
– Fire hydrant (15 x 3 sets)

3. Abs
– V crunch (15 x 2 sets + hold and ab pulse until it burns)
– Leg raise (15 x 2 sets) + hold (15 seconds)
– Russian twist (15 x 2 sets)
– Side plank crunches (15 x 2 sets)

4. Finish off with light stretching

I hope this inspired you to get in shape you are thinking of losing some weight and/or start a healthy diet plan! If you guys liked the video please give it a like and subscribe to my channel for more! See you in the next video! 🙂

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