Made famous by some very famous names in Hollywood and Bollywood cucumber diet can certainly help you to lose weight instantly. Cucumber is a rich source of calcium, magnesium, zinc, fiber, vitamin C, B, and E, also act as a detoxifying agent to improve your health. Regular intake of cucumbers will help you to keep toxins away from your body; it will accelerate the metabolism and cleanse the digestive tract to enhance its performance.

In this 2 weeks Cucumber diet plan the basic rule is, that you eat maximum Cucumber in any from (raw, salad, smoothie, juice, shake, raita etc) in most of your meals. Also you need to cutdown on carbs and eat protein rich food.

I am hereby sharing two recipes for this plan :-

1. Cucumber and Ginger juice:- for breakfast

Take 1-2 medium size Cucumber and small cube of ginger. Cut both into small pieces. Put into blender with 3/4-1 glass of water. Blend it nicely. Your cucumber ginger juice for breakfast is ready.

2. Cucumber Salad (4ways) :- ( for lunch)

1st way :- in a bowl add 1 cup of chopped Cucumber, 1 cup of chopped tomatoes, 1/2 cup of chopped carrots, 1/3 cup of fresh corns, some baby spinach. For seasoning add lemon juice, rock salt to taste, roasted Cumin powder, 1 tsp vinegar, 1 tsp mint Leaves Powder. Mix everything you Cucumber Salad is ready.

2nd way :- sautee some cubes of tofu in a pan with mixed herbs and add on top of the First salad.

3rd way :- add Sprouted Jowar, some curry Leaves and a tsp of honey to the salad

4th way :- add Sprouted mung dal to the Salad

( to make this salad creamy you can add 1/2 cup thick or hung curd to the salad)

For dinner you can take a serving of vegetables cooked or uncooked.

Vegetables you can eat for dinner :-

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